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From The Heart has made the

difference between success and

 failure, understanding and

 confusion, hope and despair

for our family.

-P. Smith, NC

Articles & Resources
From The Heart CEO



TABSE salutes FTH CEO, Dr. Walter Milton, Jr., 2019 honoree. Annual conference to be held February 20-24 in Galveston, TX.

From the Heart Foundation News

Summer 2018


FTH Foundation looks forward to the 2018 All-Star Summer Band Camp

FTH Hosts Community Resource Fair in Halifax County

May 10 2018


Community partners (local organizations) share information and resources with Halifax County families and community members. 

From the Heart Now Offers Restorative Practices Training

Thursday, April 5, 2018


FTH continues to expand its service offerings!



Leadership Training

The overall vision and purpose of an organization are driven by its leadership. Whatever successes or failures exist within an organization, they begin and end with leadership. FTH assists educational leaders by helping them build and maintain the organization they envisioned.

Educator Training 

Teachers are the entrepreneurs of their classrooms. They establish the culture and environment that should ultimately create effective learning communities. FTH empowers teachers to create a learning environment that will ensure student learning and achievement.

Student Training

Students are at the center of all FTH service. Their success and ability to become whole (complete) beings is our number one priority. Their willingness to 'show up' is a testimony to their resilience and grit. When students understand how to maintain wholeness, we know they will be successful.

SEL/CRT Wall Art

Research tell us that students are more likely to respond positively to lessons that reflect images of them and their peers. FTH is the resource for culturally responsive classroom art. 

Training Workbooks

FTH training curriculum comes complete with interactive, full-color workbooks that allow participants the opportunity to reflect on and refer back to their training journey.


FTH publishes their own educational material and other literary works meant to specifically uplift students and members of traditionally vulnerable communities. 

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