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School Leadership Component (SLC)

School Leadership Component: The linchpin of a thriving PK-12 community is the capable and culturally relevant leader. FTH wholeheartedly believes that LEADERSHIP MATTERS! Although "schooling" is elevated by all of its stakeholders, it is the head educator who serves as the conduit that keeps all systems operating fluidly. We believe that a core goal for public education is to produce citizenry that contributes positively to their neighborhoods and families, as well as strives to become the best human beings possible. In order to achieve this, school leaders must act with a set of principles that reflect this understood expectation. To this end, the School Leadership Component (SLC) provides professional development opportunities in the form of a speakers-and-dialogue-series that will equip participants with strategies for improving the outcomes of America's most vulnerable children. SLC is designed to promote all of the best practices supported by the current research in education. 


Additionally, SLC is intentionally structured for advocacy around the necessity of PK-12 educational systems that are reflective of the cultural and economic conditions of under-resourced populations. SLC introduces its participants to America's most insightful and esteemed thinkers. We invite the top lecturers, authors, and practitioners to speak on the eight professional competencies aligned to the national educator standards.

Positive Living, Promoting Your Purpose


Positive Living, Promoting Your Purpose aims to provide all students with academic and social development programming that will result in improved academic achievement and self-confidence. We believe that in order to change the achievement trajectory for at-risk youth, the approach must be multifaceted including schooling systems changes, as well as, targeted academic and social development programming. 


Essentially, our goal is to assist youth in school so they are prepared to arrive at adulthood ready to live as positive and productive citizens. In pursuit of this end, FTH strives to ensure all students are fully developed whole beings cognitively, linguistically, emotionally, socially, physically, financially, and spiritually.

Culturally Responsive Education and Teacher Empowerment (CREATE)


Culturally Responsive Education and Teacher Empowerment: Culture and ethnicity impact student behavior and academic performance. CREATE takes school educators on a journey to discover appropriate culturally relevant and responsive instruction in contemporary public school settings. Educators are introduced to practical classroom strategies that encourage and build students' self-awareness, self-concept, and self-esteem from a culturally and ethnically competent perspective. It is important to note that regardless of race or ethnicity, all children bring learned experiences from their background to the teaching and learning process.


CREATE focuses on providing educators with real-life examples of how to take the State Standards and make them meaningful and relevant for traditionally vulnerable children growing up in poverty. Nevertheless, most of the instructional strategies introduced are appropriate for any classroom of ethnically and economically diverse students.

Mothers & Men Advocating for Love and Effectiveness


Mothers & Men Advocating for Love & Effectiveness: American public education practitioners have a responsibility to do their part in ensuring that children are healthy, safe, and successfully growing into adulthood. School leaders must reflect upon the varying conditions that prevent children from achieving. Research suggests that parenting skills impact student achievement. There is an unspoken belief in American public education that mothers in the community bear the responsibility for children and parent involvement in school.


M-MALE seeks to dispel this belief by encouraging mothers, fathers and community volunteers to be active in the lives of children through the work of the community school. The concern and involvement of an entire community are necessary to ensure that all children are achieving in school. M-Male is a school-advocacy program aimed at increasing the number of parent and community partnerships with schools on behalf of children. The M-MALE institute is designed to encourage parents and community volunteers to participate in ten interactive learning experiences.

From The Heart International Educational Services believes all students are natural learners who learn best through sensory-discovery, exploration, and numerous opportunities to be engaged in cognitively connected activities that reflect who they are as cultural beings (which means you are an important person). We also believe that students are the greatest divine gift given to humanity. Every “human life” is valuable, important, unique, wonderful, worthy and especially their own. 


When The Game Clock Stops



When the Game Clock Stops is a student leadership institute designed to improve the academic achievement and social development of high school athletes. Student-Athlete Training, Supplemental Educational Materials, customized programming, and materials also available. 


When the Game Clock Stops is designed to: highlight the benefits of being involved in sports and physical fitness, provide balanced learning activities that will improve participants’ life-skills and academic skills, and promote self-awareness and holistic development.


The Game Plan (TGP)


The Game Plan is college and career readiness development institute designed to increase student mastery of college and career readiness standards, help students prepare for PSAT, SAT, and ACT exams and other college entrance requirements, and develop partnerships with local universities and colleges.

Educator Retreats (ER®) ​


FTH also provides leadership and educator on-site (overnight) retreats in modern, state-of-the-art facilities to enhance the professional development experience. Contact an FTH representative for more information!

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