Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told


Dr. Walter Milton, Jr. and Dr. Jewell Winn collaborated on this anthology of women who have chosen to share their narratives as they address the question, How does it feel to be a Black woman? 


Their stories are strong reminders of the joy experienced as a daddy's girl or the pain experienced as the stepfather’s prey. You will reflect on the times you thought a day could not get any longer and the day that wasn't long enough. You will laugh and cry.  Be ready to shake your head in disbelief and nod your head in affirmation; hold your breath in fear and shock as you take deep breaths, just knowing that the story didn't end as bad as expected.


In this book, the reality of some is a nightmare for others. And, while these women share different perspectives of what Black women have been experiencing throughout their history, they all relate in some way or another. A common theme that evolves in each narrative is that these women have a robust faith that has sustained them through some very difficult and challenging times. They are strong, courageous, relentless women who speak to their truth.  This is truly a powerful book written to inspire and empower sisters all over the world…Truth Be Told.


    Case Laminate (Hard Cover) book with black and white interior text and images


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